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Weekly Contact 5th July 2020

3 Jul 2020 • Weekly Notices

Hazelwell Weekly Contact 5th July 2020

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Prayers are requested for:-

Residents of Belstone Close & Haytor Avenue.

The Cotterill family as they wait for news of Matthew who suffered a bleed on the brain 3

weeks ago and continues to be in a coma in hospital in Tokyo

Residents of Leicester who are coping with renewed restrictions and the prospect of a resurgence of Covid 19

Publicans and restaurant owners as they try to maintain their business under new restrictions

Return to Church

Moira and the JCC are discussing the implications, new systems and new technology which needs to be put in place to facilitate the reopening of the church building for services. Due consideration will be given to risk assessments and we will take the time necessary to do this properly.

We look forward to being able to announce a date for reopening once we are satisfied that everything is in place for services to resume safely.

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Sunday Worship resources

There are broadcast Sunday services each week on radio & television as follows:-

Radio 4. 8.10am. Sunday Worship

TV BBC1 11.00 am. Sunday Worship

BBC 1 1.15 pm. Songs of Praise

Efforts to raise money in lieu of the summer fayre

Currently the amount raised by sales of services and items from the “Hazelwell Brochure”, plus donations in lieu, amounts to £498. More is promised and it’s not too late to make an offer or donation.

Reflection from Moira

Trinity 4

Genesis chapter 24

Have you ever seen a child blithely leap from something towards their parent, absolutely confident that their parent will catch them? That’s a living example of what to means to have faith in someone.

Whether the faith is justified, isn’t dependant upon the child who leaps, but upon the parent who catches them.

Abraham, wasn’t exactly a great person to have as a parent or husband (ask me if you want to know more about that). As we read the passage about him arranging a wife for Isaac, some unusual bits stick out: he doesn’t talk to Isaac about any of it, he wants to keep Isaac from going to Abraham’s home town. We might ask ourselves what had happened to his relationship with Isaac, after Abraham had been about to kill him? Were they not on speaking terms? Was Abraham worried that if Isaac went to his extended family, Isaac might refuse to come back?

We learn, after this passage, that Abraham had more children, and still favoured Isaac over them, refusing to leave any of his inheritance to them, and expecting them to leave the family compound and find their own way own the world.

So we know that Abraham’s faith wasn’t about who Abraham was, it was about who God is: Our God is faithful and keeps God’s promises. And Abraham knew this.

So Abraham, like the child blithely leaping from a great height and assuming they’ll be caught by their parent, decided to arrange Isaac’s marriage with someone from his extended family, having faith that God would sort it all out.

Just imagine for a moment, being that servant sent to find Isaac a wife. Yes, he’s being sent with 10 camels and some wealth. But….it’s been years since anyone from Abraham’s household has been there. It’s likely this servant has never been there, as Abraham was really old by this point, and Sarah had already died.

No wonder the servant had reservations! What if he couldn’t find someone who’d want got travel all this way to someone she’d never met, who might not even be who the servant said they were? What if they didn’t want to leave everyone they knew? You can almost see the servant quietly thinking it would be easier if they took Isaac with them. But then Abraham rules that out too.

So the servant decided to trust Abraham and to have faith that God would guide him, as Abraham had said would happen.

And this unarmed servant also has faith in God, the God who keeps promises. Remember, God has not promised anything about this to Abraham or to the servant. Abraham has just assumed God will sort it out. This whole adventure comes out of their faith in God. And so when he gets to Nahor, the servant prays to ask God’s help in approaching the right girl.
I wonder how long he spent on his knees praying? I wonder how hard it must have been to have got up and started walking towards the well, not knowing for sure, whether his prayer would be answered?
But God is faithful. God listens to us. And so the servant finds Rebecca, just as he’s prayed. And she is willing to go with him, to marry Isaac.

Our faith isn’t grounded in ourselves, not in how good we are etc, it’s grounded in who God is.

As we face problems in our church like depleted church finances, vastly different ways of worshipping God during the coronavirus pandemic, questions about how to let people know about Jesus, questions about; wouldn’t God really want to choose other people to do that? And more. We need to hold onto the fact that God is faithful, God loves us and listens, and that God will show us the way, and give us all we need to follow God’s plan. And that even if we mess up hugely (like Abraham with Ishmael), God is, was, and remains faithful, and can be trusted.

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