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Hazelwell Contact 12th July 2020

12 Jul 2020 • Weekly Notices

Hazelwell Weekly Contact 12th July 2020

  • Residents of Ashburton Road & Emsworth Grove.
  • Those communities around the world which are currently experiencing a resurgence of Covid19
  • All those who would normally be working in the theatre or entertainment businesses who face a worrying and uncertain future.

Return to Church

Moira and the JCC have been discussing the implications, new systems and new technology which needs to be put in place to facilitate the reopening of the church building for services. Due consideration will be given to risk assessments and we will take the time necessary to do this properly.

We are hoping to resume Sunday worship from the beginning of September- to be confirmed nearer the time.

Sunday Worship resources

There are broadcast Sunday services each week on radio & television as follows:-

Radio 4. 8.10am. Sunday Worship

BBC 1 1.15 pm. Songs of Praise

Reflection from Moira

Trinity 5

Genesis 25 verses 19-34

I'm really rubbish at rounders and catching in general. As a child I enjoyed learning and usually had my head in a book, or my hand in the air to answer the teacher's question. Combine those together, and I was often one of the last picked for PE. I'd have been amazed if I'd been asked to captain the team.

This week I looked at the passage, and my first reaction was to wonder how this could possibly speak into our lives right now. So then I prayed, and started seeing something really interesting:

God's choice wasn't the obvious choice.

Esau is the one we'd normally cast as the hero in movie or book. Or choose to be a captain in PE. He's the firstborn, strong, virile, a wily hunter, the one who provides for the family. Jacob...well the best that the writer can say about him is that he stayed at the tents and was quiet. And in those sexist times, Jacob's nature wasn't seen as a good thing.

And when we look further, we discover more gems: the writer is hinting that the brothers were very different and didn't get on; from the struggling with each other in the womb, to the way that they speak to each other when Esau returns from hunting.

And it's not hard to see why, when Esau was the favourite of his dad, and when Rebekah had chosen to look out for her younger son. Isaac had seen Abraham play favourites too, telling himself that it was God's will, as his son Isaac was the one to start a nation.

But does God really want strife between brothers? Does God really want parents to play favourites?

Isaac was so sure that he knew who God had chosen to continue that inheritance that had been promised to Abraham; so sure that it was Esau. And so he neglected his other son, Jacob. I wonder how that felt for both of the sons? I wonder how it added to the strife between them?

And it was that combination of favouritism and neglect that led to this moment, when Esau promises away his inheritance: Jacob antagonised his brother, and Esau made a rash promise he didn't intend to keep.

Some of us may know what it's like to be in a dysfunctional family where some are favoured over others. Some of us may know what it's like to look at the accomplished people around us and feel like we have little to offer. Some of us may have been ignored, or treated like we have little to offer.

God sees you. God loves you. God values you.

God has a plan for you; even if you can't see it, even if those around you can't see it. Neither of those two things prevent God's plan for you. God's choice doesn't depend on what others think. If God is calling you to something, God will give you all that you need to accomplish it. God knows you, knows what is possible, and can be trusted.