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Hazelwell Contact 9th August 2020

6 Aug 2020 • Weekly Notices

Hazelwell Weekly Contact 9th August 2020

Please Pray For:

  • Residents of Cartland Road & Vicarage Close.
  • All those killed injured and bereaved by the explosion in Beirut

Please Note: Zoom details are different this week

Mary Bowen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Mary Bowen's Zoom Meeting

Time: Aug 9, 2020 10:00 AM London

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Meeting ID: 739 5099 5743

Passcode: 5fuT0g

Return to Church

Advice has been sought from experts in the technology required to facilitate services under the current requirements. The guidelines continue to change and our risk assessments are being adjusted accordingly. We do know we will all have to wear masks when we return.

We hope to resume Sunday worship from September 6th.

There is a limited number who can be accommodated allowing for social distancing measures. Therefore, those who wish to attend any service will need to contact Janet at a specified time (yet to be decided) in the week before the service to avoid disappointment. We hope in this way, to ensure that all who wish to join us for services are able to do so.

Sunday Worship resources

There are broadcast Sunday services each week on radio & television as follows:-

Radio 4. 8.10am. Sunday Worship

BBC 1 1.15 pm. Songs of Praise

B30 Foodbank - w/e AUGUST 1st 2020

The Foodbank is operating an Emergency Food Delivery Service from the Warehouse only for the period of the CV19 emergency.

How to get emergency food delivered
Clients needing emergency food are referred to B30Foodbank by E-Voucher through a referral agent.
Or call Northfield Customer Service Centre on 0121 216 3030
Or call The Project on 0121 453 0606 WhatsApp 07974106813 What's happening?
As well as changing to a delivery service, we have increased the number of food parcels a client/family is eligible to receive. Our volunteers are now delivering food using their own vehicles to S and SW Postcodes B13, B14, B29, B30, B31, B38, B45 and sometimes B47, only the south in B32and B17 and on Tuesdays and Fridays only.
Last week we fed 71people (43 adults 28 children) on 33 vouchers. We received 970kgs in donations and we used 684kgs of food. Last month we fed 402 people 238 adults and 164 children.

Urgently needed Smash (lots), rice pudding, tinned potato, tinned spaghetti, tinned fruit/puddings, custard, hot chocolate, single packed toothbrushes shampoo, deodorant, size 4 and 7 nappies,
Lower in Stock
fruit juice, tinned tomato, treats, tinned macaroni cheese, noodles, jam, squash.
Well stocked Not Required Currently
Baked beans, soup, pasta, rice, tea, coffee, fish, meat, vegetables, pasta sauce, biscuits, sanitary wear, shower gel, soap, toilet roll, bottled water, carrier bags
Foodbank App. The app is updated weekly. Go to your app provider and download Foodbank Redemption Media and then open B30 .
Warehousing: B30 Foodbank Warehouse, is at 17 Castle Rd, Kings Norton Business Park, B30 3HZ. 2.00-4.00 on Tuesday and Friday.

Reflection (from the website of St Mary’s Church Plumtree)

In our Gospel reading from Matthew we have one of the best-known stories of sudden transformation. In this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, I am sure that we all hope for a sudden transformation throughout the world. There has been considerable easing of the 'Lockdown' but very sadly, in many places in England, restrictions have had to be re-imposed. In the wider world, there are restrictions that have had to be re-imposed in the State of Victoria in Australia. We all long for an end to this current situation. A difficulty is that we may see signs of improvement but then there is a danger that we go too far and problems return.

We perhaps hope for a miracle. The Greek word for miracle is 'semeion', meaning sign or wonder. The real aim of all these signs or miracles of which we read in the New Testament is to strengthen and illuminate faith, that is to say, the relationship between Jesus and the hearer. The disciples say to Jesus that he should send the crowds away so that they can go and buy food. The response of Jesus is short and to the point: "You give them something to eat." The point surely of this sign is that God in Christ takes what we have, blesses it, and works for good through what we have to offer. God wants us to be fed, wants us to be whole, wants us to be nurtured. Jesus sets an example for his church in this act of feeding the five thousand. The living Christ wants us to take what we have and offer it to God, no matter how little it is, no matter how small our resources are. When it comes to the needs of his people, God blesses, but calls on us to play our part. We bring the resources, and we do the work. It was the disciples who were asked to organize the people and who served the food that continued to increase. The disciples symbolise what it means to participate in the compassionate ministry of Jesus. How can we the church do less?

Quite apart from the Coronavirus pandemic – and of course I do not underestimate in any way the real suffering caused by this virus – there continue to be massive problems with people dying from hunger and drought in many parts of the world.

Long ago, Jesus took and blessed what was offered. Today, Jesus still blesses what we offer for the furtherance of his work and the good of his people. Jesus says to you and to me, "Take eat, this is my body, broken for you." May we be nourished and supported by the real presence of Jesus.

I pray that you will all stay safe and well and that this pandemic may soon come to an end.