Hazelwell Church

Weekly Contact 21st March 2021

18 Mar 2021 • Weekly Notices

Hazelwell Weekly Contact 21st March 2021

Nick Jones will lead Morning Worship on Zoom at 10.00am

(See attached order of service)

Prayers are requested for

Those countries whose rates of Covid infection continue to rise and all who are living with

the effects of long Covid.

All who mourn the death of Sarah Everard.

Moira and her family

Parish Update

Sadly Moira is still unwell and unable to return for a further 3 months - she remains in our thoughts and prayers.

This week we say hello to Barbara Calvert, a methodist minister based at Cotteridge Church who has visited Hazelwell in the past and who has offered to lead worship for us periodically, going forward

Foodbank News

Spearhead Trust(c/o Fred Rattley) is still making Foodbank Collections and decided to carry on until lockdown finishes.

Food can be dropped off at Fred’s Home, at 21 Livingstone Road, Kings Heath,

or Yvonne & David Swain, 25 Westminster Drive, Kings Heath, B14 6BG

B30 Foodbank – WEEKENDING MARCH 13th 2021

Last WeekWe received in donations of 1901k and gave out 1768K ,1276K to 108 clients and 440k to other foodbanks or similar.

Urgently needed

Potato Smash Porridge oats Tinned fruit in juice (not prunes or grapefruit) Shower gell, laundry liquid or powder (not family sized)Really strong carrier bags Nappies

size 6

Low in stock

Tinned meat (ham, corned beef, pork sandwich meat, pulled pork) Tinned fish (not tuna)Ready made custard (tinned or carton - not powder) Cereal UHT semi-skimmed milk (green)UHT whole milk (blue)Instant coffee (not decaffeinated)Instant hot chocolate (made with water)

Sugar 500g (not larger)Tinned spaghetti Tinned macaroni cheese Jam/Honey Tinned rice pudding

Snack bars/chocolate Crisps Packet noodles Nappies sizes 3-5ShampooTooth brushes (single or duo packs) Toothpaste Bar or liquid soap Disposable razors Sanitary pads (not tampons) Washing up liquid

Well stocked

Tinned vegetablesTinned tomatoes Tinned potato, tinned tuna Tinned/packet soup, Baked bean, Pasta sauce

Pasta shapes and dry spaghetti, RiceTeabags (40 or 80’s) Squash Long-life fruit juiceBiscuits Roll-on deodorants Toilet roll Shaving foam Nappies sizes 1 & 2, 7& Pet food Baby care items Baby food

Not wanted at all

Decaffeinated drinks or fruits infusions Bottled water Large bottles of lemonade or coke

Any foods containing alcohol Cooking ingredients Fresh produce including vegetables, eggs and bread Non-dairy items or gluten free items Coffee beans Large boxes of teabags (120’s or larger) Very large boxes of cereal or porridge Loose tea , Cocoa powder Tampons Make up, hair accessories, perfume or after-shave.

A meditation for the 5th Sunday in Lent

If we truly believe that Jesus has been raised from the dead, that he is alive, that he continues to live and work in and through those who believe in him, then we had better not linger too long in the garden, or weep too long at the tomb, or gaze too long at the crucifix. We had better not treat Jesus in our mind, in our prayer or in our attitudes as though he is a dead hero, or an object of theological study. We had better not bury him in history, or just remember his story as a fable or fairy tale.

Resurrection changed Jesus. For him, it wasn't just coming back to his previous life for a few more years. He came to a totally new kind of living, beyond time and space, and yet fully present through faith to the believers of each succeeding generation.

Like Lazarus, raised from the dead, Lent gives us the opportunity to be touched once again by the power of the Risen Christ, and to renew the Resurrection Experience which we believe has deeply touched our own lives.

Like Lazarus, the Resurrection Experience is for us the turning point, the point of no return. Lent allows us to proclaim that we will never go back to the darkness from which He has rescued us. We will never go back to the sins and selfishness which lead only to death. We will never go back to cowardice and weakness in the face of evil. We will never bury ourselves in hopelessness and despair.

Resurrection and Reconciliation take place in real life situations... with real people... our family, friends, neighbours, co-workers or employers. Lazarus represents each of us. How many apparently-alive people are closed in by one form of death or another? - a slow death by fear, anxiety, dependence, sickness, a dead-end job, disintegrating relationships, destructive behaviour, etc. Whatever the forms of death - serious or life-sapping - we need to hear the voice of Jesus call each of us out of that tomb today.

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