Hazelwell Church

Weekly News 2nd December 2018

1 Dec 2018 • Weekly Notices

Sunday 2nd December

Hazelwell All Age and Parade Christingle Service

Led by Rev. Moira Forbes

Jesus said “I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,

but will have the light of life.” John 8 vs12

Reading  John 8 Vs 12

Hymns Singing The Faith

180 O Come O Come Emanuel

706 Verse only (as a Prayer)

706 Longing For Light

184 Round Orange Round Orange

59 Shine Jesus Shine

Please Pray for

: Residents of Falkland Croft & Pitcairn Close

:All who contribute to the smooth running of the church

: All who face the Christmas season in fear

: The Growth Of Our church

b30 Foodbank

In the week ending 24th November 2018 we received 1214kgs of food and gave out 1570kgs of food, feeding 207 people; 124 adults & 83 children on 97 vouchers.
Urgently Required:
Custard, Rice Pudding, Fruit Juice, Tomatoes, Tinned Spaghetti, Jam, Macaroni Cheese, Christmas Treats.

Currently Well Stocked: Pasta, Tea, Noodles, Baked Beans, Dry Spaghetti.

In addition to our normal food parcels we are collecting:-

Tinned ham, tinned salmon and other tinned meat, Tinned veg (including potatoes) Tinned fruit, mince pies and custard

Please be aware that we are not allowed to distribute any Christmas Items (i.e. Christmas Puddings) that have even the Slightest Trace of Alcohol in their ingredients

Friendly Forum

Erica Price will speak at the meeting of Friendly Forum tomorrow Monday at 1.30pm.

Action For Childrenare inviting us to play Santa for needy children, visit https://secretsanta.actionforchildren.org.uk for more details.

Christmas Services

Everyone Welcome to join us at All Services

Traditional Carol Service (Traditional Carols with Readings & Reflections) 4.00pm Sunday 16th December [See Above]

Walk Through Nativity (Family celebration of the Christmas Story)4.00pmChristmas Eve

Christmas Eve Communion Service

11.30pm Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning Family Worship

10.00am Christmas day

Next Week- Sunday 9th Dec.

Hazelwell Communion Service

Led by

Rev. Moira Forbes

And Finally-

At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving the others with God's own love and concern.

Mother Teresa