Hazelwell Church

Weekly Notices 23rd December 2018

22 Dec 2018 • Weekly Notices

Sunday 23rd December

Hazelwell Communion Service

Led by Rev. Moira Forbes

Want to keep Christ in Christmas? Feed the hungry,

clothe the naked, forgive the guilty, welcome the unwanted,

care for the ill, love your enemies, and do unto others as

you would have done unto you. Steve Maraboli

Readings Micah 5 vs 2-5a  Luke 1vs39-45

Hymns Singing The Faith

216 See him lying on a bed of straw

204 In the bleak midwinter

187 The angel Gabriel (offering hymn)

186 Tell out my soul

Please Pray for

: Residents of Fawley Grove and Allens Croft Road

: Those responsible for church finances

:: Those who will be alone at Christmas.

: The Growth Of Our church

b30 Foodbank

B30 Foodbank: In the week ending 8th Dec. 2018we received 3660kgs of food and gave out 2212kgs of food, feeding 286people; 173 adults & 113 children on 125 vouchers.
Urgently Required: UHT Whole Milk, Smash, Biscuits, Custard, Fruit Juice, Jam, Macaroni Cheese, Hot Chocolate, Christmas Chocolate Treats.
Currently Well Stocked: Pasta, Tea, Noodles, Baked Beans, Dry Spaghetti.
Supermarkets: Thanks to customers at Asda Barnes Hill who donated 1200kg of food.
"Please be aware that we are not allowed to distribute any Christmas Items (i.e. Christmas Puddings) that have even the Slightest Trace of Alcohol in their ingredients"

Christmas Services


Walk Through Family Nativity

(Family celebration of the Christmas Story)4.00pmChristmas Eve

Midnight Communion Service

The first Communion of Christmas

11.30pm Christmas Eve


Christmas Morning Family Worship 10.00am Christmas 

Next Week- Sunday 30th Dec.

Hazelwell Morning Worship

Led by

Keith Dennis