Hazelwell Church

Weekly Notices 7th April 2019

5 Apr 2019 • Weekly Notices

Sunday 7th April 2019

Hazelwell All Age and Parade Service

Led by Rev Moira Forbes

Let go of yesterday, let today be a new beginning and be the best that you can - and you'll get to where God wants you to be. Joel Osteen\

Hymns Singing The Faith

94 To God be the glory61 Our God is a great big God

351 In Christ Alone

Reading Matthew 28.18-20

Please Pray for

: Residents of Moss Grove & Denshaw Road

: Members of Sunday School and their teachers

; All those working with young people to combat knife


: The Growth Of Our church

b30 Food-bank

In the w/e March 31st 2019 we fed 239 people, 152 adults and 87 children on 116 vouchers. We used 1855 kgs offood and received 1836 kgs.

Urgently Required: Rice, Cereals, Tinned Fruit, Fruit Juice, UHT Whole Milk, custard, rice pudding and jam.

Currently Well Stocked: Baked Beans, Pasta, Tea, Noodles, Vegetables, Dry Spaghetti.


Friendly Forum

There will be no meeting of Friendly Forum tomorrow,

Next Week

Palm Sunday

Hazelwell Communion

Led by Rev. Elaine Russell