Hazelwell Church

Weekly notices 18th August 2019

18 Aug 2019 • Weekly Notices

Sunday 18th August 2019

Hazelwell Communion

Led by Rev Barbara Calvert

Readings Jerimiah23: 23-29

Luke 12vs 49-56

Hymns- Singing The Faith

250 Jesus calls us o'er the tumult

728 O God you search me and have known me

508 Purify my heart

581 Come, my table is a meeting

564 O thou who camest from above.

Please Pray for

: Residents of Millbrook Road & Reeves Road

:Lay Leaders in Church

; The family and friends of the policeman murdered on Friday

: The Growth Of Our church and The World Church

Friendly Forum welcome Derek (and Friends) to their meetingtomorrow Monday at 2.00pm. Everyone Welcome

B30 Foodbank: Information to help with your shopping this week

w/e AUGUST 10th 2019

Last Week we fed 158 people 102, adults 56 children on 82 vouchers. We used 1248kgs of food and received in 1110kgs of food.

Urgently Required: Tinned Meat, Tinned Fish, Tinned Fruit, UHT Semi Skimmed Milk, Pasta Sauces, potatoes, custard jam.

Not Required Currently: Pasta, Baked Beans,

Tea, Biscuits

Birmingham and District Allotments Association

The annual allotment Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show

Midlands Art Centre, Cannon Hill Park

August 24th, 25th, And 26th

Final Thought

Grown-ups may gossip but if a child does it is called disrespect.