Hazelwell Church

Weekly Notices 8th September

8 Sep 2019 • Weekly Notices

Sunday 8th September 2019

Hazelwell Communion Service

Led by Rev. Moira Forbes

Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible

and receives the impossible


Jeremiah 18.1-11

Luke 14.25-33

HymnsSinging The Faith

24 Come, now is the time to worship

713 Show me how to stand for justice

362 Meekness and Majesty

57 Let all the world in every corner sing

Please Pray for

: Residents of Pineapple Close & Hartons Way

:Members of our uniformed organisations and their


; All who have lost homes and loved ones as a result

of the hurricane in the Bahamas

: The Growth Of Our church and The World Church

Friendly Forum

Friendly Forum will meet for lunch at the Red Lion tomorrow Monday at 12.30pm.

All welcome.

B30 Foodbank:

B30 Foodbank: w/e August 31st 2019
Last Week we fed 101 people 64 adults 37 children on 52 vouchers. We used 897kgs of food and received in 1207kgs of food.
Urgently Required: Tinned Meat, Tinned Fish, Tinned Fruit, UHT Semi Skimmed Milk, Pasta Sauces, potatoes, custard, jam.
Not Required Currently: Pasta, Baked Beans, Tea, Biscuits

Next Week

Hazelwell Communion Service

Led by Revd. Nick Jones

All welcome