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​Hazelwell Weekly Contact December 17th 2023

16 Dec 2023 • Weekly Notices

Hazelwell Weekly Contact December 17th 2023


Advent 3

Hazelwell Carol Service

Led by Rev’d Barbara Calvert

    Celebrate Advent and Christmas with us at Hazelwell

    Carol Service led by Rev’d Barbara Calvert

    Sunday December 17th 10.00am

    Join us to sing your favourite carols followed by coffee & mince-pies

    Christmas Eve led by Val & Andy

    Sunday December 24th 10.00am- the story of the nativity

    Midnight Communion 11.15 pm Church of the Ascension, Pineapple Road, led by by Arch-Deacon Rev’d Jenny Tomlinson

    Christmas Morning Worship Monday December 25th 10.00am

    led by Arch-Deacon Rev’d Jenny Tomlinson

    Reflection on The Birth of Jesus

    Were YOU there when Jesus was born?

    Many are familiar with the old Negro Spiritual, “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” (If you have not heard this song, there’s a link below.) It’s a hauntingly beautiful and moving song that speaks of “coming to the cross” and remembering all that Jesus did in His sacrificial love for us and in service to His Father’s will.

    But do we “come to the cradle” in the same way that we “come to the cross?”

    Without the Christmas Cradle there would be no Calvary Cross.

    “Coming to the cradle” involves remembering Jesus’ great sacrifice. His sacrifice wasn’t just about His death on the cross. Jesus’ sacrifice started when He left glory and entered into humanity as a Baby born into the humblest of circumstances.

    As we look forward to Christmas Day, let’s go backward—back thousands of years to Bethlehem. Like the shepherds, let’s make haste to come and see “the babe lying in a manger”

    We know Mary was there. We know Joseph was there. We know the Shepherds arrived shortly after Jesus’ birth and the Wise Men came some time later. Of course we know you were not there at the time when Jesus was born. But what if you had been? How would you respond?