Hazelwell Church

Hazelwell Weekly Contact March 31st 2024 10.00am Easter Sunday, Hazelwell Communion Service

30 Mar 2024 • Weekly Notices

Led by Revd. Matt Churchouse

Breakfast served at 9.30am

The Lord Is Risen

He is risen indeed , Alleluia!

Please remember in your prayers :

All who grieve the loss of a loved one at this time

Also the residents of Hazelwell Fordrough and Edwin Road.

Give thanks for all who work to maintain our public transport systems

Parish Update

Christian Aid Service, APCM and Meal

Rev. Barbara Calvert will lead a service on the theme of Christian Aid

The morning will finish with the Lunch in aid of Christian Aid.

    Tickets available from this Sunday

Join Us to celebrate Easter with friends from St Bede's Brandwood

Sunday 31st March Easter Sunday Hazelwell

9.30am – Easter breakfast together followed by

10am - Easter Communion Service Led by Rev’d Matt Churchouse

Easter Reflection Opus Dei

THE SUN RISES in Jerusalem. The night’s darkness slowly gives way as the first rays illumine the city walls, the Temple, the fortress towers… Mary Magdalen and several other women leave the city and begin walking towards the northwest, towards Calvary. The streets are empty. Their hearts are heavy, saddened that Jesus’ death has darkened the whole earth forever. The sun no longer seems to shine as it did when the Master was with them. But they aren’t deterred by the darkness, nor by the guards posted in front of the tomb by the Sanhedrin, nor by the fact that Jesus has been dead for three days now. They don’t know who will roll away the stone sealing the tomb for them, but they refuse to remain shut up at home. Once again they pass by the places where Jesus used to walk. And once again their hearts tremble at the thought of all that has happened. But they refuse to give in to fear.

“The faith of these women really moves me,” said Saint Josemaría in an Easter meditation. “And it reminds me of so many good things about my mother, as you will also be recalling many wonderful details about yours … The women knew about the soldiers posted there. They knew that the tomb was completely shut. But they spent their money to buy the oil anyway, and shortly before sunrise they went to anoint the dead body of our Lord. They needed a lot of courage! When they reached the tomb, they saw that the stone had been rolled back (cf. Mk 16:4). This always happens. When we decide to do what we have to do, difficulties are easily overcome.”[1]

We ask them to help us have a love for our Lord as strong as theirs, stronger than the unspeakable suffering of the Passion. In the hearts of these women, the fire that Christ himself kindled has not been totally extinguished. They have risen very early, and not in vain. God cannot resist such love and He gives them the best news of all, the definitive news in which all the prophecies are fulfilled: “I have risen and am still with you,” he says to each of us. “My hand upholds you. Wherever you may fall, you will always fall into my hands. I am present even at the door of death. Where no one can accompany you further, and where you can bring nothing, even there I am waiting for you, and for you I will change darkness into light.”